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Covina Businesses Trust SERVPRO's Water Damage Restoration Team

4/7/2024 (Permalink)

puddles of water on the white tile floor Cleaning up water damage isn't an easy job. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for certified technicians who are ready to help.

We Understand the Needs of Commercial Environments

The sight of water spraying from a water line saturating your off-season inventory or finding the floor covered in water from a backed-up drain in your Covina enterprise would cause many people to panic. SERVPRO's fast and professional manner thoroughly mitigates affected areas. Our services help keep commercial water damage restoration costs manageable.

Businesses in Covina undergoing commercial water damage restoration often close temporarily to facilitate drying. Many times, these businesses never re-open. Only after we complete the initial drying can we restore your facility for you. A water-damaged business needs more than fans and drying everything to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Here are some of the more crucial services we provide during commercial water damage restoration:

  • Drying and cleaning of carpeting and other flooring types, including unfinished concrete,
  • Refinishing of surfaces and trim, and
  • Necessary deodorization.

Saturated flooring can create ongoing problems - prolonged need for desiccation, mold and mildew, elevated humidity, and dry-rotting of the floor's structural components. We use different methods to dry these out quickly to minimize the damage they sustain.

After drying out, we repaint walls and ceilings, relay floor tiles, and reattach railings and trim. Wood can become warped in the presence of minor elevations in humidity, leading to cracks and other imperfections.

Odor often plays an impactful role in how customers and employees view your business's environment. While we don't want anything heavy or strong, even though pleasant, we do more than merely mask unwanted odors. We use different techniques (thermal fogging and others) to eliminate the source of the odors.

When your business needs commercial services like water damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 for fast and professional services from trained and certified experts. We can help you help your business.

Professional Water Restoration Technicians Tackle Commercial Water Damage in Covina

2/5/2023 (Permalink)

Regardless of how your commercial space came to be affected by water damage, team SERVPRO can help. Call us 24/7 for services.

Safety and Loss Mitigation Dictate Water Removal and Restoration in Covina Businesses

Residents of Covina know that water incidents can damage their homes. A burst pipe, a faulty appliance, or a leaky sink can cause extensive damage in a home, leaving a slew of problems behind. But the stakes can be very high when water damage happens in a commercial setting. Damaged inventory, disrupted operations, and a compromised location can significantly negatively impact your business and the lives of your employees. To be as efficient as possible in controlling the water intrusion, reach out to a professional team.

In Covina, water damage repairs in commercial establishments are possible thanks to the expertise of our team at SERVPRO. Our field experience and thorough training prepare us to handle even the toughest jobs, regardless of their size. If you aren’t sure how deep the water damage goes, call our 24/7 hotline and let us assess the problem and identify potential complications. Before you explore a do-it-yourself solution, consider the following advantages of calling SERVPRO:

  • We have at our disposal advanced imaging tools to detect water residue beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Failure to remove standing water can leave your business vulnerable to mold spread and its consequences. It can also weaken your drywall and compromise flooring materials.
  • Our SERVPRO team can perform some repairs, including controlled demolition and drywall replacement, which helps minimize downtime for your business operations.
  • Very often, removing and discarding damaged goods is essential to restoring your business. Our team can identify which items are not salvageable and discard them following environmental regulations.

SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina is more than a service provider. When you call us at (626) 387-4111, you have our whole team as a partner in making your business a success.

Hire Covina Professional Commercial Restoration Before Damage Sets In

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe bursts in your business are no match for SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Gets to Work on Water Mitigation and Restoration Fast in Covina

No matter the business you are in charge of, prompt action is paramount with any emergency that can cause damage and hazards for your building, staff, and clients or customers. SERVPRO can be at your Covina commercial property within hours of your call to begin water mitigation, so your restoration is shorter and less expensive. Rapid action and professional methods to the rescue to help you restore your business and limit loss, making it “Like it never even happened.”

Have you had a pipe burst overnight or a machinery failure causing water damage? Commercial water restoration in Covina with SERVPRO gets you back on your feet. Our crew handles the cleanup, addressing any possible safety hazards, and looking for hidden moisture that could bring secondary damage or mold growth.

Mold mitigation with moisture detection services

Once water removal services begin, our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians employ moisture detection methods. This helps us find areas where moisture migrated so we can quickly achieve our drying goals. We go through each site where the water emergency took place using specialized tools, including:

  • Moisture detectors, sensors, and meters
  • Borescopes
  • Thermal imaging cameras with infrared technology

While we look for moisture and all standing water is getting pulled up with pumps and extractors, drying and dehumidification coincide. We set up industrial fans and dehumidifiers to restore relative humidity (RH). The team adjusts the number of equipment placed and their location so that we can get the best results.

What about musty odors?

We know your business cannot have any lingering odors from the water emergency. Our odor control technicians (OCT) have specialized products that work to eliminate all odors rather than masking them.

Calling (626) 387-4111 puts you in touch with the customer care team for SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina. We are available 24/7 for an emergency response to handle all your commercial water restoration needs!

Professional Water Cleanup at a Warehouse in Covina with SERVPRO

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Water damaged facilities may be vulnerable to significant losses, severely impacting organizational performance.

Warehouse Water Damage Cleanup in Covina

Water damage to warehouse environments can be devastating or disruptive by affecting the structure or the stored merchandise. Shuttering operations until the building has been restored is not suitable for business or your employees. Whether a frozen pipe burst or a broken fire sprinkler causes water damage in your Covina warehouse, ensuring the facility is safely and quickly restored is crucial.

Water cleanup at a warehouse in Covina should be carried out as soon as the issue is discovered. Otherwise, the facility may be vulnerable to significant losses, severely impacting organizational performance. SERVPRO crews respond fast, locating the water source and shutting it off if there is an active leak, thus preventing more water from getting into your facility.

Why Professional Restoration is Recommended

  • Due to the vastness of the warehouse
  • Need for special attention to stored things
  • Need for pack-outs or containment
  • Minimal interruption to your business

Warehouses are large spaces tightly packed with stored goods, meaning water damage recovery is often complex and requires enough workforce. Also, all items should be handled with care, especially those marked fragile. There may be a need for pack-outs, containment, and movement of large things; hence we come equipped sufficiently to tackle these needs. 

Steps that control warehouse water damage

Actions Towards Proper Restoration

  • Immediate water extraction
  • Structural drying and deodorizing of the facility
  • Water-damaged material tear-outs and replacements

SERVPRO technicians help remove any standing water. Depending on the amount of water, mops, wet/dry vacuum, or submersible pumps can be used. A pump can generally remove up to 90% of the water. However, surfaces are still wet to the touch. These surfaces need to be thoroughly dried.

Moisture in the air affects materials, equipment, and inventory in the warehouse, leading to mold formation or spoilage of merchandise. By setting up dehumidifiers, we can dry out the remaining wet areas and remove moisture from the air.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina has the technology, workforce, and experience to perform water damage cleanup "Like it never even happened." Call us at (626) 387-4111.

Printing Contractor Suffers Water Damage in Irwindale

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Your print shop needs quick action to recover from water damage. Contact SERVPRO for a plan of action to get you back to printing.

SERVPRO Technicians Focus on the Precise Tasks Ahead of Them to Get Your Business Quickly Back to Operational Again

All businesses have connections within their communities. Some commercial enterprises perform tasks that affect other companies and residents more profoundly when a disaster affects their physical plant. SERVPRO helps companies large and small when water flows uncontrolled, committed to the well-being of every member, residential or commercial, of our neighborhoods.

Even in this age of virtual connection, people and businesses truly rely on local papers and publications to share information. When a burst pipe stops the presses, professional commercial water removal is essential to clear your Irwindale printing shop fast. News waits for no one, and our efforts do all that is necessary to get the printer back online.

Modern printing operations rely upon electronics as well as vast stores of paper and ink. When the SERVPRO team arrives, safety is first. The various pieces of electrical equipment must not threaten the lives of our workers or the employees of your business. We make certain the power is off and then use our truck-mounted submersible pumps and water extractors to remove the water. The inks and products used to keep the presses in working order may mix with the floodwaters. Knowing this, we consult with local authorities to dispose of the water properly.

The computerized work areas need assessment by electronic water damage specialists. We work with you and your insurer to communicate with these professionals as we move from water removal to drying out the area. Industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers assist in the reduction of the remaining moisture. Only after we receive the okay do we re-engage the electricity and wait while you put your equipment through its paces.

A real challenge during this job is dealing with the massive quantities of newsprint within the building. Any paper out of the reach of the flooding depends upon our ability to reduce ambient humidity in the work area to remain usable. The soaked paper is probably unsalvageable but needs removal and appropriate disposal to avoid secondary water damage. Mold growth is a distinct possibility with wet rolls of paper.

Be sure that all the news fit to print is soon in the hands of our local community after SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina removes the water flooding your premises. Call (626) 387-4111 day or night for a prompt and professional

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Azusa

3/5/2022 (Permalink)

Bathroom plumbing failures at your business location need to be attended to right away. Call our team to assess and remediate the water damage.

SERVPRO Thoroughly Removes Water and Dries Out Large Commercial Spaces

Most Azusa businesses face a plumbing failure at one time or another. Most are minor problems, like a leaky pipe under a customer bathroom sink. In larger facilities, like a big box store or a warehouse, a plumbing failure can spill an incredible amount of water across a showroom floor. Overnight, the entire facility can be under an inch or more of water.

In a business like this, the concentration on alleviating Azusa commercial water damage is water removal and floor drying. Since the floor is primarily concrete, SERVPRO technicians know that this reduces the types of water damage, but it does not eliminate them all. What we want to prevent is cracking and other damage to the surface and below.

We start by opening every entrance or exit possible. SERVPRO technicians then engage commercial grade pumps to bring down the water level. With several of these pumps working together, we can clear even a large area in a single day.

Once they have it down just covering the surface of the floor, we switch to using extraction wands and squeegees. The extraction wands are a more powerful version of a water-vac found in most garages. For areas in the store which have just a trace of water left, we use long-handled squeegees to push the water out the nearest exit. It takes us another day or two using these devices and hand tools to complete drying the floor. 

A second concern is reducing the humidity inside the building. At each of the major entrances and exits, our IICRC-certified technicians place large exhaust fans to draw the damp air inside the building outside. If there are corners inside the building that we cannot get to, under storage racks for example; we set up air movers to force warm air underneath to dry them.

Concrete is resistant to damage, but water can find its way into the smallest crack or fissure. If you do not have a professional service quickly remove it, the results can be thousands of dollars in repair costs. If your business is underwater, then you need our help. Call SERVPRO at Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 today.

SERVPRO - Commercial Fire Restoration for Irwindale Rental Homes

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

If you find yourself in need of assistance with fire damage remediation, call SERVPRO at (626) 387-4111.

Smoke and Soot Cleanup for Different Types of Commercial Fires – Call SERVPRO

Commercial fires in Irwindale cover all types. Every fire is different depending on the fire, the building, commercial factories, warehousing, strip malls, and large rental buildings housing a combination of residential units and small stores. The smoke residues from the fire often create more cleaning requirements than the actual fire. Smoke residues and odors travel into other rooms and units, along with inter-room plumbing systems, open doors, and even through small holes. Machinery, tools, products, carpet, fabrics, clothing, and flooring materials are affected.

SERVPRO provides commercial properties in Irwindale with fire restoration and clean-up for all types of fires. We remove charred materials, perform controlled demolition of the structure and provide repair and restoration services to our commercial clients. We work closely with the client's insurance adjuster and the client to meet their needs.

Our SERVPRO fire technicians also assess the type of fire and the smoke residue produced to determine the appropriate cleaning methodology. For example:

  • Low heat fires produce a wet sooty smoke residue
  • Fast burning high heat fires produce a dry smoke residue
  • Grease fires produce protein soot which has a high pungent odor
  • Furnace fires produce an oily smoke residue

Our technicians often encounter two or more types of residues and odors while cleaning up after a fire. We use a combination of vacuuming, water, and detergents along with solvents to clean porous and non-porous surfaces. Applying the wrong cleaning agent to a fabric can cause the residue to be pushed further into the material, cause smearing on non-porous surfaces, and make it difficult to clean.

SERVPRO's experience cleaning up after a fire along with repair and restoration services make us the number one company to call for assistance recovering from a commercial fire.

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (626) 387-4111.

SERVPRO Provides Water Cleanup Services to Azusa Commercial Clients

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

When water incidents happen at your property, you need to call the technicians at SERVPRO.

Does a Delay in Water Removal Cause Mold Infestations in Azusa Commercial Buildings?

Many commercial customers perform water cleanup after a water incident in their Azusa buildings. They may ask employees to mop up the excess water after a leak to resume normal operations as quickly as possible. However, unless humidity levels are brought to normal levels and moisture removed from crevices, flooring materials, and inside walls, mold colonies can form in as little as 24 hours. Mold can cause health effects in employees and customers exposed to mold spores.

SERVPRO provides water cleanup and removal for commercial customers in Azusa. Our teams are available to respond to any water incident in less than four hours from your call, and we are available on a 24/7 basis. We also have the equipment to remove all of the water, moisture, and humidity to prevent mold spores from growing into colonies, damaging structure and contents, and producing that robust and musty odor common to mold infestations.

When mold infestations occur, we also know that it is important to keep as much of your day-to-day operations operating. Our containment plans prevent mold spores from contaminating other areas of your building and allow your employees to continue doing their jobs in those areas.

SERVPRO building containment may include the following actions:

  • Establish containment barriers with plastic sheeting
  • Installing negative air pressure in the contaminated area
  • HVAC vents are sealed to prevent the distribution of spores to other uncontaminated areas
  • Clean rooms are established for decontamination when entering, leaving, and for materials and equipment

Calling SERVPRO immediately after a water leak to remove water can prevent secondary damage to contents, structure, and mold infestations.

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (626) 387-4111.

Our Technicians Can Restore Your Azusa Hotel After A Water Damage Incident

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage restoration is a specialty of SERVPRO. Call now for fast and immediate work.

Managing Different Aspects Improves Commercial Water Removal in Azusa Hotel

Water can easily reach unwanted areas in your Azusa hotel, inconveniencing your guests and interrupting your normal operations. Burst plumbing lines or driving rain forcing its way in through spaces in windows or other openings are common ways water can damage your hotel. You can involve professional restorers in the removal because they use their skills to handle various aspects of the restoration better.

Water Removal and Restoration

For successful commercial water removal in Azusa hotels, it is essential to manage the temperature, humidity, and air movement because these aspects determine the drying rate. Thorough extraction of any standing water is also crucial because extracting more water in liquid form minimizes the evaporation efforts needed for drying. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians understand that physical water extraction is 1200 times more effective, which is why we use a variety of water extraction equipment, including truck-mounted water extractors, for better efficiency.

In a hotel, many materials, including carpets, beddings, towels, and draperies, can absorb and hold water during the spill. While it is possible to remove some of them for drying, it is a huge undertaking, especially if the hotel has many rooms. One way to ensure proper in-place drying is by raising the temperature in the affected areas. Temperature levels around 70° to 90° are optimum since warmer air holds moisture better. Our SERVPRO technicians can use portable heaters where necessary. The dehumidifiers we use also exhaust warm air into the rooms when drying, helping raise the temperature.

Faster drying of floor and wall materials is possible with better airflow. Increasing the rate of air movement improves the evaporation rate, drying the materials faster. Our SERVPRO technicians use air movers to improve air movements. We also change their position from time to time to ensure even drying. We also use moisture meters throughout the drying process to ensure the materials are dry and not just the surface.

For efficient water removal in your Covina or Irwindale area hotel, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina to assist. You can reach us at (626) 387-4111 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

What Is Restoration and What Can It Do for Water Damage in Covina Businesses?

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

The first step in water damage restoration is removing the water. SERVPRO is available 24/7 for your water damage restoration needs.

Don't Let Water Damage Impact Your Commercial Enterprise

If you’re dealing with a significant commercial water damage incident, you may be feeling a little pessimistic about how much of your business can be saved. Breakdowns and failures like a burst pipe or a faulty restroom are quite common, but they can cause all kinds of damage. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the severity of the situation and rescue as much of the affected area as possible.

Restoring commercial water damage in Covina businesses is no easy feat. Still, it can be achieved with the help of SERVPRO. Our expert team is highly experienced in dealing with flooding of all shapes and sizes. They can be onsite fast to start water extraction quickly and reverse the destruction caused by standing water.

This quick guide to the restoration process will help you learn all about what the technicians at SERVPRO can do for you.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

The term ‘restoration’ is a simple one to define, but it involves a wide variety of different methods and techniques. Essentially, it is the job of putting a business back together after a flood or other water-related incident. Some classic examples include broken pipes, fire sprinkler systems gone awry, cracked gutters or failed flat roof pooling containment, overloaded appliances, and faulty faucets and boilers.

A team of restoration professionals is called out to the damaged site – in this case, your business – and they use a selection of industrial-strength tools to remove the water. The array of water pumps can vary from a handheld portable wet vac to sump pumps to large truck-mounted equipment. After water removal, our SERVPRO technicians can start taking steps to salvage as many items as possible.

Why Is a Speedy Restoration Important?

Getting the restoration process started quickly is important for some reasons. The longer that your employees cannot work from the affected area, the more money you’ll lose. It can also be a health hazard to leave the water to sit and stagnate and degrade into contaminated Black Water.

Consider that SERVPRO works with over 315 management companies, municipal and federal entities, and many insurance companies to expedite time and save you money. 

There is also a great risk to the structural integrity of the building, as moisture creates mold that slowly destroys organic materials like wood, drywall, or even fabrics in a boutique. We understand that nobody wants to have to call a water damage restoration team. If you do, it means that something has gone wrong.

Most commercial water damage is not permanent. With the help of SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina, you can get restoration started as soon as the problem becomes apparent. Our experts are highly trained and can assess the building for dangers so that you don’t have to put yourself at risk. Call us 24/7 at (626) 387-4111.

SERVPRO Offers Mold Removal for Covina Commercial Buildings

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

Mold is common in our area, in homes and businesses. SERVPRO is always on call to respond your mold damage remediation needs.

Need Mold Removal in Covina Commercial Structures – Call SERVPRO

The first hint that mold in your Covina commercial building may be a problem is a strong, musty odor in the air. It may emanate from only one area of your facility; however, the musty smell can be noticed throughout your commercial structure. Your employees and customers may also be worried about the mold since mold can cause health effects.

SERVPRO offers mold removal services to commercial offices and structures in Covina. Once the source of the mold is identified, our mold removal technicians can advise on the remediation plan required to resolve the infestation. It is also essential to remove the source of moisture that led to the formation of the mold in the first place.

Nonporous materials can be cleaned and removed to a staging area until the entire area has been cleaned. Porous materials such as fabrics, drywall, insulation, and carpeting infested with mold must be removed in many situations. Large infestations may require clean rooms, containment rooms, and decontamination rooms to house equipment and protect the remainder of the commercial building.

SERVPRO can discuss the following services with you and what may be required for mold removal in your commercial structure:

  • Mold Inspections
  • Mold Remediation and Removal
  • Black Mold Damage Repairs

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina for mold removal in Covina and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (626) 387-4111.

Does SERVPRO do Water Restoration in Commercial Buildings in the Evening in Azusa?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage restoration by SERVPRO is second to none. We have all the equipment and knowledge for any size disaster.

SERVPRO Provides Water Clean Up and Restoration to commercial Buildings in Azusa

Water leaks in water pipes, overflow of sinks, or leaks in a roof in Azusa do not choose the best times to occur. Emergency services are needed 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Many commercial customers would prefer the work is completed in the evening or overnight, or on weekends to reduce the impact on production in their businesses.

That’s why SERVPRO offers water restoration services for Azusa commercial customers 24/7 and responds in less than 4 hours. We can match your schedule requirements and work around your daily operations while respecting any safety concerns that may occur due to water leaks.

Our services include:

  • Water Clean Up
  • Water Removal Services
  • Water Damage Restoration

3rd party clients operate many commercial buildings in Azusa with their schedules, clients, and services. SERVPRO works closely with the building owner, the owner’s clients, and insurance companies to provide emergency services and water damage restoration on your schedule.

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina for water restoration in Azusa and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (626) 387-4111.

Will Prompt Covina Fire Damage Restoration Get Your Business Back on Track?

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage restoration is a specialty of SERVPRO. We have the manpower and equipment for any size disaster.

SERVPRO offers comprehensive fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup for Covina’s commercial buildings

Businesses suffering from smoke and fire damage must act decisively, arranging quickly for professional restoration of fire damage in Covina. When a store, restaurant, or office shuts down to cope with fire or smoke remediation, it risks losing customers permanently. Partnering with a reputable fire damage restoration firm like SERVPRO demonstrates that your business commits to resuming operations rapidly, giving your market base confidence that you can meet their needs again within a reasonable amount of time.

Water and Fire Damage Restorations of Covina Commercial Properties Are SERVPRO Core Services

Both your business and the Covina community benefit when cleanup and restoration of fire and smoke damage proceeds fast. SERVPRO fire and smoke damage recovery technicians are ready to deliver emergency services after the safety assessment and planning phase. Most commercial fire restoration scenarios involve mitigation of fire control consequences, including firefighting water damage management. SERVPRO crews have training and experience in all water and fire damage recovery phases to get you back in business serving your Covina base. We help assess, mitigate, and remediate all aspects of:

Contact SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina 24/7 for a fast and expert response to fire and smoke damage. Call (626) 602-8299 immediately, so we arrive as the firefighters make their exit.

Contractor Licenses:

CSLB: 976913 

Looking for Water Damage Repairs for Covina Commercial Property?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Water removal services by SERVPRO are second to none. We have IICRC certified techs and no job is too big or small. Call now!

SERVPRO is ready to provide immediate water damage restoration for Covina businesses

Covina and nearby Los Angeles-region communities such as West Covina have a long history of periodic flash flooding. Although the annual average rainfall in the areas is only roughly 15 inches, it is crucial to understand that the calculation of the number uses 125 years of data and does not take into account the storms in the surrounding highlands. Actual yearly rainfall totals vary widely, exposing the towns in the Santa Monica, Santa Susana, Verdugo, and San Gabriel Mountains’ watershed to the consequences of much more intense rainfall at higher altitudes.

How Do Mountain Storms Impact Covina’s Lowland Flooding? 

Because Covina business owners generally find the local climate to be dryer than the national average, structural and basement flooding issues would seem unlikely. Unfortunately, seasonal weather events miles from Covina can impact commercial properties, causing significant water damage needing repairs and preventing business operation. During the winter storm season, heavy precipitation falling in the surrounding upper elevations gathers and flows in torrents downhill from peaks as high as 7000 feet, draining through the countless canyons and dry washes. The greater Los Angeles Basin, upon which its founders built Covina, is made of ancient sediments and rock debris eroded from the encircling mountains over millennia. This process continues today, and in extreme cases, after mountain storms, the flatlands in Covina can suffer from a sudden onslaught of property-destroying:

  • Floodwater
  • Debris and contaminants
  • Mud and silt
  • Rocks and gravel

Can Tropical Cyclones Create Flooding Risks in Southern California?

Remnants of Pacific hurricanes can move inland with resulting water damage potential. Although the storms typically are past their peak, they often generate localized heavy rainfall. If several storms “train” or recur over Covina, water damage risks arise when the surrounding ground eventually saturates, exacerbating the risk of seepage or flooding into stores, warehouses, production centers, restaurants, lodgings, and other business properties.

What Is “Asphalt Creep,” and Does It Increase Water Incursion in Covina?

Every time repairs involving additional paving material complete on Covina streets, a fraction of their water carrying capacity is lost. Overflows during storms or flash flooding become more common, causing water damage to lower levels of commercial properties nearby. The pressure inflicted by rising water on sanitary waste systems can lead to businesses coping with cleaning up after a sewer backup.

What Water Damage Remediation Challenges Must Covina Business Owners Overcome?

Whether business owners in Corvina need water damage repairs after the devastation of flash floods or because of disastrous appliance breakdowns or burst pipes, the solution is the same. The SERVPRO team of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians arrives promptly to manage a broad range and intensity of water emergency services. SERVPRO offers to complete needed repairs and build back as a California licensed contractor in addition to water cleanup, streamlining your business recovery. Water damage assessment and project planning by SERVPRO experts focus on:

  • Water Removal Services
  • Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Sewage Cleanup

When you need commercial water damage remediation and recovery, count on the specialists from SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina. Our flood restoration team is available 24/7 at (626) 602-8299.

Contractor Licenses:

CSLB: 976913 

Explore Unique Art with the Feminist's Guide to Botany from Your Covina Homes

11/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the different botanical art creations by talented artists in Covina.

Learn the Unique Approaches of Renowned Female Artists to Create Your Unique Blend of Covina Art 

You may be spending considerable time indoors because of the need to maintain social distance or other reasons such as redundancy. Finding something interesting to occupy your time can be an excellent way to make the long hours bearable. You can try botanical art since it offers the challenge of depicting plants scientifically correct and producing aesthetically pleasing artworks. You can join other people in Covina for a virtual lecture on 26th November, organized by the London Drawing Group.

The event explores different angles of the magical world of Botany, including:

  • Exploring the history of renowned female artists, scientists, and explorers
  • Examining works by famous artists like Marianne North, Maria Sybilla Merian, and Rachel Ruysch
  • Learning basic water coloring techniques and doing various botanical painting exercises

The lesson begins at 9.30 AM and includes a short visual lecture before you embark on practical exercises. You should prepare watercolors, a variety of brushes, paper, and a few plants.

Issues like mold can develop in workplaces when no one is around for lengthy periods. SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina helps with black mold damage repairs, restoring sanitary conditions. Call us at (626) 387-4111.

What Factors Should Business Owners Prioritize During Water Mitigation at Azusa Furniture Store?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

Should your business become water damaged, call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Can Help Take Care Any Aspect That Might Force Your Business to Close Down  

Water intrusion at a furniture outlet can impact your business in many ways, apart from temporary closure or other limited interruptions that happen as you seek a solution. The way you respond to the incident impacts the outcome significantly. Therefore, knowing what to prioritize is crucial. SERVPRO helps Azusa businesses perform mitigation processes correctly to bounce back from an incident, “Like it never even happened.”  

What actions define correctly done water mitigation exercises in Azusa?  

  • Quick action 
  • Exercising caution 
  • Verifying moisture levels  

For water to significantly impact materials, many factors play a role, but the exposure time matters. Faster water removal or other protective steps in Azusa can prevent a wide range of issues, including stopping the spread of damages when taken in time. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you take quick action. For instance, we have both portable and truck-mounted water extractors that expedite water removal.   

What sort of vigilance is necessary for businesses after water intrusion?  

  • Prevention of accidents 
  • Protecting contents  
  • Checking electrical systems  

When surfaces are wet, they tend to be slick, so slip and fall accidents are highly likely. With vast open areas such as the showroom or the reception section in your store, accidents might happen, hurting your staff members or members. Our SERVPRO team can help you avoid such outcomes by setting up warning signs or creating barriers to separate the affected areas from the rest of the facility. We also take precautions to prevent electrical shocks, including circuit checkers and GFCI, when operating electrical equipment.  

Why is it necessary to verify moisture levels? 

The items you have at your furniture store interact with moisture differently. For instance, upholstery items absorb water and become saturated immediately. Wooden items, however, may take some time to absorb significant moisture. Other materials might be hygroscopic, leading to the absorption of water from the air. With such disparities, there is a need to confirm, rather than assume, that items are dry. It is also crucial to establish the level of moisture absorbed by materials.  

It is crucial to know the steps to take when mitigating water damage. Otherwise, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

What Should I Do If the Sprinkler System in My Restaurant Goes Off During a Fire?

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

If fire damages your restaurant, contact SERVPRO for fire damage restoration.

For Commercial Fire Damage Restoration After You Suffer From a Fire in Your Covina Restaurant Call SERVPRO

Since cooking is the most common activity that causes structural blazes, your eatery in Covina is at risk of having a kitchen mishap. Once something goes wrong, and flames ignite, your building's sprinkler system may go off and pour several gallons of water into your restaurant's structure in attempts to put out the fire.

How can I turn off my sprinkler system once it is activated?

If the sprinklers have gone off when working with your commercial fire damage restoration project in Covina, our SERVPRO technicians first ensure that no more water is coming from the sprinkler system before any work begins. Most sprinklers can only be shut off by the main valve leading to the system. In many cases, the fire department will disengage the sprinklers or instruct you on how to do so after they deem your building safe.

What happens to the burnt items in my restaurant if they get wet from the sprinklers?

Problems Associated with Soot: Sometimes, if the water is added to an item covered in soot residues, the moisture can cause the soot to soak deeper into the material, making it tougher to remove. Water can also cause bleeding stains where it pulls soot down in drips to previously unaffected places.

Structural Integrity Issues: When items like your tables and chairs get wet, the moisture can weaken their structural integrity, forcing them to be removed and replaced. If one of your items is burnt and structural components are already damaged, the addition of moisture could make the problems worse.

Secondary Damage: The addition of moisture can also increase the chances of facing secondary issues such as humidity problems and mold growth. Since mold can cause health effects, we always work towards drying out any of your organic contents or building materials in less than 48 hours.

If you ever need help with fire and water-related problems, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 24/7.

Is Expert Water Removal Best for My Business?

6/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the right equipment when it comes to your Covina business water damage.

SERVPRO Adapts Our Water Removal Methods to Fit the Needs of Your Covina Commercial Space

Water incidents can happen at any time, and how they get handled determines the severity of damage and loss. When your Covina business suffers from a water loss, you need to facilitate proper cleanup and restoration quickly. This is where our team at SERVPRO shines, including the latest technology, methods, and products to restore your commercial space and make it “Like it never even happened.”

How Does Water Extraction Take Place?

You know that you need water removal in Covina immediately so that you do not lose furnishings or inventory. We come in to assess the level of damage so that we can make the best choice in terms of equipment and the proper manner to proceed. We provide both pack-out services as well as in-place drying to achieve optimal results. 

How Does In-Place Drying Work?

If your place of business has wall-to-wall carpeting, it might be impractical to remove it all without immense disruption. Our crew may recommend in-place drying to clean water for a variety of reasons. Some of the top reasons we use in-place drying methods include:

  •   Wet carpet tends to be very heavy when saturated
  •   Handling dense, wet carpet can become prone to delamination where the backing and carpet fibers separate
  •   Detachment of the carpet to move it can lead to stretching or tears
  •   All of the inventory within your commercial space will have to be packed up and moved out for removal to take place

During the in-place drying of carpets, our team raises furnishings, shelving, and equipment carefully. This gets done to facilitate drying and limit the transfer of rust, stain, or paint onto the carpet. We then employ the use of light wand extraction tools to control migration during the water removal process. 

SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina is the team to call when you need professional water removal in your place of business. Call us today at (626) 387-4111 to have a crew deployed to your location.

Can One Contractor Complete Fire Restoration Start to Finish in My Azusa Restaurant?

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Call us at (626) 387-4111 to discuss how we can help.

Seamless Attention to All Aspects of Restoration After Fire Damage in Your Azusa Restaurant Is on the Menu at SERVPRO Everyday

Multitasking caused your Azusa restaurant to confront a kitchen fire when short-staffing resulted in a few moments of inattention at the grill. Can finding a restoration company that offers multiple disaster recovery specialties provide high-quality services to help you recover? Or should you instead hire a different contractor for each phase of the project for the best results?

How Can One Company Manage Different Aspects of a Fire Emergency in My Restaurant?

Our team prepares to perform the various tasks required for Azusa commercial fire restoration through mastery of course work offered by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is an international standards-setting organization in the vanguard of establishing best practices for all disciplines within the restoration industry. We also have a general contractor license, permitting our construction division to swing in after mitigation and remediation of water, smoke, and soot damage for necessary build-back services.

What Water Damage Is Common After a Restaurant Fire?

SERVPRO expects at least some water damage in any commercial fire restoration. Chances are good that your business installed a sprinkler system to snuff out flames quickly. When the fire department responds, water is the intervention most used to eliminate lingering smoldering and hot spots. Water creates safety hazards that we must manage first.

How Do Professionals Move to the Fire Residue Removal Phase?

While a crew of Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) extract contaminated water and dry out your space, our crew chief matches the smoke and soot damage seen in your restaurant to cleaning products and techniques we know work. A one-size-fits-all response to fire damage is impossible because the residues and the surfaces affected vary. Our team considers that as we move from space to space within your dining establishment.

Can you rely on SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina to handle all of your commercial fire restoration needs? We look forward to answering your questions and concerns. Call us at (626) 387-4111 to discuss how we can help.

How Do I Remove Water From the Room Where My Server Racks Are in Covina?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

When your data center needs the attention of professional commercial water removal services, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina.

SERVPRO technicians have the expertise to clean up the water in your Covina data center

Whereas once the file room filled with necessary paperwork and documents was the lifeblood of a Covina business or organization, in the present, a data center performs the same function and so much more. When a water loss occurs, it is vital to get the equipment out of the area of elevated humidity and extract the water as rapidly as possible.
Water has naturally occurring minerals that behind residues with the potential to deteriorate circuit boards.
Other possible loss situations are:
    •    Loss of ability to perform daily operations as needed over the network
    •    Loss of client data
    •    Corruption of stored data
    •    Failure of internal ecosystems

What is the Best Process for Commercial Water Removal Services in a Data Center?

SERVPRO techs have decades of experience in handling sensitive electronic equipment in need of commercial water removal services in Covina properties.

In a data center, commonly found equipment includes server racks, switches, and routers for network communications. The technicians most often remove the equipment out of the work-site environment to lessen the exposure to humid conditions that could potentially damage the equipment.

The most turned-to type of water extraction equipment is the portable pump. This easy-to-maneuver machine allows the tech to move rapidly around the structure and get into corners and along walls to remove the maximum amount of moisture.

What Actions Should Happen First After Commercial Water Damage in a Company Server Room?

There are some things that property owners can do before the arrival of SERVPRO technicians on the scene for the mitigation.
    •    Turn off electricity
    •    Move server racks out of the loss area if there is no danger entering the area
    •    Avoid the urge to test the equipment as it can cause permanent damage

If there is the danger of slip and fall accidents or water has compromised outlets, wait until the technicians arrive on-site and inform them of the situation. They can safely remove the equipment to a dry, secure area during the mitigation.

Commonly Seen Tactics Used During Data Center Restoration Services

While the equipment may get removed without a hitch, it is not uncommon for structural elements of the building to require removal due to water loss. Sheetrock that wicked too much moisture and shows signs of warping or deterioration that requires disposal as a loss. Tiles may lose adhesion after exposure to moisture and need removal to dry the substrate underneath. Shock-absorbing industrial carpeting usually has rubber construction and has a design made to repel liquids. This type of floor covering needs removal for drying and cleaning to be suitable for reuse.

Drying Methods to Bring Down Interior Air Moisture Levels Rapidly

SERVPRO technicians dry loss areas quickly through the smart use of different types of equipment used in tandem. While air movers deliver highspeed airflow over wet surfaces, the dehumidifiers capture this water vapor. This cycle continues, and the interior humidity levels lower in less time than traditional drying methods. When the subfloor or substrate requires drying, the techs deploy multiple drying mats to force the air into the wet area.

Why Monitoring the Drying Process is Important

High air moisture conditions are bad for computer equipment, and while the drying process is on-going, the SERVPRO techs set drying goals and use their detection devices to monitor the process from start to finish. This attention to detail ensures then the equipment gets moved back in, the environment is optimum for the best operation.

Final Steps in the Water Loss Restoration Process

If the business owner does not have anyone certified to test their computer equipment, the techs can arrange for a local professional to look it over and recommend any needed repairs before reuse. Then, the SERVPRO technicians walk the property owner through the loss area to go over the actions taken and the repairs that need to get made to bring the data center to its preloss condition. With their general contractor license #CSLB: 976913, the techs can offer any rebuilding that needs to occur as part of the restoration services to save property owners the hassle of finding and researching local contractors. There is also a detailed report compiled during the mitigation of the loss area that includes photos to expedite the filing of any insurance claims.

When your data center needs the attention of professional commercial water removal services, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111. The techs can extract the water and get your server room up and running again as fast as possible.

What Should I Do if My Commercial Dishwasher Malfunctions and Overflows with Water?

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

Professional Water Removal by SERVPRO Gets Your Covina Kitchen Back Up and Running

When you have a commercial kitchen in Covina, the chances are good that you rely on your large-scale dishwasher to run regularly. However, if this major appliance malfunctions, it becomes a hassle and leaves you with the need for prompt cleanup. Whether there is an issue with the plumbing connections or something else happened, how you proceed right after you notice the problem makes all the difference in the scale of your water loss even. Failing to act soon enough leaves your interior subject to exponential damage that becomes costly and hazardous before long.

Do I Need Professional Water Cleanup?

Calling in the help of expert cleanup services to assist with water removal in Covina limits the amount of damage within your commercial space. Whenever there are standing puddles of water, quick action helps to inhibit them from seeping into the cracks and crevices of tile flooring, behind baseboards, and other tight spaces. If the water is left to permeate for too long, it can cause damage to tiles, and the subfloor beneath starts to warp and expand after taking on the excess moisture.

What Might Have Caused My Dishwasher Leak?

There are several causes for a commercial dishwasher to leak, which includes:

  •   The dishwasher is not level
  •   The gaskets are worn 
  •   The wrong dishwashing agent was used
  •   The door to the dishwasher is broken
  •   The dishwasher tub is defective, and more

When you have a dishwasher leak in Covina, you need to call in the help of skilled technicians before exponential damage occurs with materials like:

  •   Wood
  •   Tile
  •   Drywall
  •   Wallpaper
  •   Paint
  •   Laminate
  •   Electrical Wiring
  •   Appliances

How SERVPRO Can Help

With a phone call to us for emergency response, we arrive at your place of business as quickly as possible to begin the assessment phase. We know that your kitchen is unable to operate safely or effectively without total water removal, so we are available to work around the clock, seven days a week. You can count on us to ensure your kitchen is back to work fast, and your employees can work uninterrupted.

There are a couple of factors that come into play with each water removal job that we perform:

  •   The scope of the loss determines how much cleanup is required. Multiple factors go into water restoration planning, and the size of the kitchen is a significant element. Our team uses a formula involving the amount of water in the room and the size of the room to determine the kind of equipment that should be used for extraction. If the space is smaller-scale and the mess is slight, we may use a wet/dry vacuum and industrial fans. If the space is larger-scale and the mess is substantial, we may use submersible pumps or truck-mounted extractors. 
  •   We leave no water behind. Our technicians work diligently to ensure that no moisture is left behind in your business. We utilize moisture detection technology that tells us what moisture is left and where it is located. Failing to pull out all moisture from the walls or flooring could result in mildew or mold growth. 

How Can I Tell if Water Crept Under My Tile Flooring?

This depends on whether you have ceramic tiling with grout lines or if there is laminate tile in the kitchen. Each has its own set of issues when involved in a water loss situation. With laminate tiles or glue-down tiles, they can become loose after losing grip on the substrate below. The materials the tiles are made from will also play a role in whether or not they can be cleaned and reused. 

If you have ceramic tiles with grout lines, there is usually a sealant in places that helps to prevent damage in a water loss incident. If SERVPRO technicians find that the seal is nonexistent or worn, the grout may be porous and then has the potential for harmful mold growth.

Fast, Efficient Cleaning and Disinfecting

We understand how important it is that your commercial kitchen is clean and sanitary to resume regular operation. When we come in for water removal and restoration, you can count on us for:

  •   Methods set forth through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to facilitate professional cleanup. 
  •   Cleaning solutions that are fully EPA-approved and applied by skilled teams wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for both your safety and theirs.

When you have an unexpected leak in your business, you should never hesitate to call in the help of trained professionals for water removal. Get in touch with us at SERVPRO of Azusa/Covina today at (626) 387-4111, and we can send a team out for emergency service to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How SERVPRO Effectively Restores Water Damage and Prevents Mold Growth

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage not properly remediated can lead to mold growth. Call SERVPRO for fast, effective remediation.

Commercial Water Removal Covina – Avoiding the Growth of Mold

Most commercial tenants and owners arrange for cleaning staff to clean their premises every day, usually in the evening. After dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down everything, the cleaning staff locks up for the night. Many owners often consider using the same firm to help with water removal after a leak in the plumbing or an overflowing toilet.

SERVPRO provides commercial water removal services in Covina and the surrounding areas. We are available 24/7 and can take over from the regular cleaning staff to remove water from floors and walls if needed. Not only do we vacuum up all of the moisture, but we also check for moisture inside cavities, under the carpet, in the walls, and under heavy furniture and equipment. Cleaning staffs often miss these areas and are excellent locations for mold to grow.

Moisture Reduction and Mold Growth

Many customers mop up the excess water, open the doors and windows to let the area dry out and resume business operations after a water leak. Mold spores are everywhere, and the spores love warm, dark locations with high humidity. Typically, people miss moisture inside walls, under carpets, and even under heavy storage cabinets after a leak. Mold infestations can begin in these areas, eventually affecting the health of your employees, creating a musty smell, and even weakening the structure.

SERVPRO uses moisture sensors and meters to detect moisture in materials and hard to reach spaces. We also measure the relative humidity in your space. Once detected, we can utilize several devices to remove the moisture and dry the area without causing significant damage to floors and walls.

Depending on the situation, we arrange for an access point to the area. We can blow dry air into the cavity or under floors. Dehumidifiers can collect the increased moisture in the air and return the humidity levels to normal. Our objective is to remove moisture sources and the growth of mold infestations after a water leak.

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Irwindale and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Damage in Corvina is Undiscriminating. Be Selective and Choose SERVPRO to Cleanup.

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

There are some emergencies where your cleaning company may not be able to manage all aspects of the water damage.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Water Removal Specialists for Commercial Buildings in Covina

Like many owners of a multi-business commercial space in Covina, you made the decision long ago to contract with a building cleaning service. Although the company you hired does an excellent cleaning job, there are some emergencies where they may not be able to manage all aspects of a crisis. Particularly when a water loss is involved, the responders must have all the experience, training, tools, and equipment necessary to locate, remove, contain, and dispose of the water.

Common Spaces Share Water Damage

Your many retail and foodservice tenants reap the benefits of communal business practices, but when something goes wrong, the need for shared water removal services in Covina poses some challenges. Water that spills in one store or a supply line that bursts between the walls separating a couple of stores can spread far and wide. Establishing the perimeter of the water movement is crucial because if any moisture goes unaddressed, secondary damage is likely.

Locating the Water Spread Requires Training and Tools

When SERVPRO managers and technicians complete the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework, they receive a solid foundation in the theory and operation of moisture detection and monitoring devices. Because water is undiscriminating as it moves through the many spaces of your commercial building, we must find and follow its path. Our employees use the following tools to locate the wet areas of the structure. Further, they help define how much they vary from normal moisture levels in unaffected areas of your building.

Moisture Sensors

Uses sharp probes to detect moisture in soft materials. These are an excellent aid to detect the presence of moisture in excess of 17 to 19 percent but do not measure the amount of moisture.

Moisture Meters

These implements determine the moisture content of various materials. Penetrating moisture meters use probes to test within wall cavities and underneath wood flooring. Penetrating meters also test individual layers. Nonpenetrating moisture meters use sensors to produce readings when the meter is placed on the surface of materials. The sensors test the conductivity of the material, so we can get false readings when measuring steel studs, foil back insulation, nails, and other metals.


This tool measures temperature and relative humidity. Advanced models also record dew point.

Removal Proceeds After We Determine the Extent of Water Migration 

SERVPRO positions pumps and extractors once we know the outline of the water migrations. The measurements used to locate the water form the basis of our drying goals. Our team continues to use the specialized tools to monitor drying after we bring in air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to complete the commercial water removal.

The focus of SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina is sharpened to water removal when your commercial property suffers from a water loss. Contact us at (626) 387-4111 to arrange an inspection and plan to get all your tenants back in business fast.

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Extraction Tools Used For Commercial Water Removal In Covina

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Covina business owners, don't fear we will be there for your water damage.

We have the tools that do it all for your Covina water damage.

Sometimes mishaps take place and one day you can get cursed with bad luck when you suffer from an overnight plumbing failure in your Covina furniture store. If you ever walk into your store in the morning and realize that moisture has been pouring into the interior of your building all night, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO to conduct commercial water removal.

Once your contents and building materials start to get wet, they can quickly become damaged if the moisture is not promptly removed. The first step to commercial water removal in your Covina furniture sales store is to extract as much liquid H2O as possible. Moisture is easier to remove while it is in the liquid form before it soaks into your structural components and evaporates into the air. To complete a successful extraction process, our SERVPRO technicians know that using the right extraction tool for the job is vital.

The best way to remove water is to utilize a heavy-duty truck-mounted extractor. An extraction tool then gets attached to the extractor vacuum hose for the device to be applied to the wet surfaces. For situations where the amount of water is minimal, light, hand-held wands can be used to extract moisture from damp carpet.

During the more difficult situations, deep extraction tools can be implemented. One type of deep extraction tool is a self-propelled extraction device. These units have an independent motor that moves over the carpet at a consistent rate. These tools use the weight of the operator to compress the carpet so that the vacuum pulls out as much water as possible.

Another commonly used deep extraction machine is a stationary tool. Stationary tools also use the weight of the operator to compress the carpet. These, however, get used one section at a time. The operator stands on the device for ten to fifteen seconds and then moves on to the next section.

If your furniture store in Irwindale ever gets flooded out by a plumbing failure, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111. We are available 24/7, and the word on the street is that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Eliminate Water Damage From Covina Property with SERVPRO’s Help

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage to your Covina restaurant can be difficult to deal with alone. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Even Small Water Damages to Restaurants in Covina May Require Professional Help

One of the most commonly overlooked types of damage to restaurants in our area is water damage. It can be easy just to mop up the water or patch a leak and call the problem fixed, and in many situations, that may be all that you need to handle the issue. However, when damages start to add up and resist stopgap efforts, that may be a sign to call in a professional mitigation company. SERVPRO stays ready 24/7 to respond to any type of damage since We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Problems Can Start

Some of the most common water damages to restaurants in Covina involve long-term leaks that grow to monstrous proportions. Appliances, water lines, fire sprinklers, and more can all create small flows of water that start to pool up in hard-to-reach areas. These pools of water can cause a wide variety of problems, including damage to the foundation of your building and mold growth around the entire restaurant. Less commonly, we also get calls when appliances or water lines encounter a significant malfunction and flood the area. Regardless of the source of the water, you should call SERVPRO any time you think that the situation may be too much for a few mops and towels to handle.

Calling for Help Sooner Rather than Later

Small-scale water damages can be tricky to deal with since they may not seem severe enough to warrant a call to a company like SERVPRO. However, if you neglect to handle the problem with the appropriate level of care, far more severe problems can start to develop. Mold growth can be avoided through fast drying aided by our industrial-strength equipment but may be inevitable in some situations where we might not get called in. While we carry a wide variety of certifications to handle problems like mold damage, we strongly prefer that you call us as soon as possible after finding signs of damage. Most of our water removal projects take up only a few hours and may not impede even a single day of your normal business operations.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina stays ready 24/7 to respond to disasters large and small at business locations in the area. Call us at (626) 387-4111 to learn how we can help.

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The Simple Way to Fix Your Water Damaged Business in Covina

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mishaps can happen anywhere in your Covina business. Call the remediation professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

Protecting Saturated Short Pile Carpets in a Covina Office

Short pile carpeting is not something offices throughout Covina have installed for their plush feel and appearance, but they do serve a practical purpose in being easy to clean and inexpensive to replace or initially install. Whenever disasters like water loss incidents occur, the carpeting becomes one of the first materials affected as even the thinner short pile variety can still become heavily saturated and allow permeation to the subfloor padding and poured concrete base flooring material underneath. 

As much as you want to protect all areas of your business when water damage affects your Covina office building, starting with the areas most likely to become the most significantly damaged can reduce out of pocket expenses and keep your doors open despite widespread recovery efforts. Our SERVPRO professionals have a fast and confident response to commercial properties affected by water loss incidents, as we have a leading inventory of tools, equipment, and products to quickly gain control of these situations. 

With the right response, even during the spreading water crisis, the right preventative steps can get taken to reduce saturation and ultimately save the carpets. With these same carpets featured in every open area of the entire office building, this can save substantial tear out and replacement if you cannot obtain the precise matching design and color scheme for the flooring material. 

Padding and the concrete beneath are also at risk for water damage if the carpet itself holds this damage for extended periods. Padding is also porous, allowing for substantial absorption which can allow the concrete beneath to begin leeching this moisture slowly with direct exposure. If this damage becomes too extreme, the carpets might require partial removal so that drying mats and other specialized recovery equipment can get installed by our SERVPRO professionals. 

Whenever water loss incidents occur in your office, you have a finite amount of time to secure the right personnel to make the situation less costly and dramatic to your business. Our SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina team can arrive quickly with the experience to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (626) 387-4111.

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We Are Equipped With The Necessary Tools To Handle Your Covina Water Damage

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

We are available 24/7 to restore your preschool after a water damage emergency. We have the equipment, expertise and tools to handle any disaster.

Help from the Experts Prevents Commercial Water Damage from Closing Your Covina Preschool

Businesses of all kinds in and around Covina trust SERVPRO because our trained employees earn different certificates from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We know how important your business is to you, your students, and their families. We can help you keep classes in session, with regular activities intact by mitigating things properly.

When your preschool gets more than a little wet, commercial water damage in Covina can start to cause you problems with your building. Children sometimes flush things down the toilet or plug the drain in bathroom sinks, leading to overflows. Other causes of water damage include windows that leave gaps when closed, leaks in the kitchen plumbing, and deficits in the building's structure.

Our first goal when we show up to a site with water damage involves locating the place where the water comes from, and then getting it stopped. We cannot do anything else until the water no longer comes into your building. One-time incidents that you know to have caused the disaster can save us this step.

We then use our infrared cameras to view in real time where the water spread. Water behaves differently in different situations. Different sources also leave behind different categories of water, clean, gray, or black, and the amounts vary considerably, as well. While we can calculate an estimate of how much water affected your building, the amount rarely matters as much as the percentage of moisture content inside of the structure's materials. We use the numbers from our moisture meters to help us gauge our progress in drying and mitigating the interior environment of water and the damage it causes.

We also clean the carpets wherever needed to make sure that they end up clean and dry before your students return. We wipe down the surfaces that became wet and apply disinfectants and sanitizing agents in a spray to ensure even and thorough application. When larger areas need this treatment, we often use a fogger for its penetrating action.

Because we work as efficiently as possible from the very beginning, we can finish the job soon, keeping interruptions to a minimum. Our high level of efficiency gets a great head start because we are Always Faster To Any Size Disaster, including yours.

Call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 when you need help with water damage that threatens your preschool. We serve all sizes and types of businesses.

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We Will Restore The Odor In Your Covina Restaurant After Water Damage Has Hit

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Stains in your business caused by water damage need to be restored by our technicians right away. We are available 24/7.

Turning Around Commercial Water Damage in a Covina Restaurant

Signs of water damage in your restaurant can hurt your business. When customers see the water stains and smell the odor left behind, they may choose not to frequent your establishment. Also, another problem besides unsightly water spots and unpleasant odors can permeate your space, and that is mold. Where there are moist conditions and something organic to eat such as wood or drywall, mold can spread quickly and set up an unhealthy environment for both workers and customers.

When you discover commercial water damage in your Covina restaurant, it can feel overwhelming. First, fix the source of the water intrusion, then contact us to remediate the visible damage and any secondary damage that has occurred. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and have the knowledge and resources to remove the odor and ensure your restaurant is a healthy place to work and serve food with no mold growth in the affected areas. Best of all, we can schedule the remediation efforts at times that are convenient for you, so your business is disrupted as little as possible.

SERVPRO technicians first use moisture detectors and thermal imagery if necessary to determine that both surfaces and interior areas are dry and retain little to no moisture to inhibit mold growth. If necessary, rapid drying techniques are employed to eliminate moisture that has collected behind walls or under flooring. Damaged drywall or ceiling tiles that cannot be restored are removed as they can harbor both odors and mold. Powerful antifungal and antibacterial cleaners are used to disinfect all non-porous surfaces.

Our Odor Control Technicians (OCT) are certified in the removal of all types of odors. Often residual odors are due to incomplete drying. Once thoroughly dry, if the odor remains, the technicians may choose to utilize a powerful odor neutralizing method such as hydroxyl generators. These machines utilize the same broad UV spectrum as the sun to safely neutralize odors in indoor areas.

Keep your restaurant free from commercial water damage issues and contact SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina as soon as you notice a problem. Our emergency services are available 24/7, and the restoration can begin as soon as you call us at (626) 387-4111.

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A SERVPRO Crew Is a Beautiful Thing for Removing Water from Your Salon in Azusa

12/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Azusa Salons Beautiful with Rapid Water Removal

What You Can Do When a Pipe Bursts in Your Azusa Salon and Causes Water Damage

It is unfortunate that old plumbing can lead to complications that can unexpectedly cause water damage inside of your business. When a pipe bursts inside of your salon, water can run the quickest path from your ceiling to yoåçur floor. From there, the longer that it sits, the water can begin to become absorbed by the tile flooring of your establishment. If it is left too long, the base of the floor underneath can swell and cause cracks in the tile above.
It is never a good feeling to open the doors of your Azusa salon and find water damage pooled around the pedicure chairs first thing in the morning. In fact, you may initially feel panic and freeze, unsure of what to do. However, it is vital for you to get on the phone and call for professional help as soon as you can. The sooner that help can arrive, the less likely it is that severe damage can set in.
Here at SERVPRO, we understand how valuable your time is as fellow business owners. Foot traffic is everything and closing your store means a loss of money. However, if you call us first thing upon finding the water damage, SERVPRO can rush to your property and begin remediation immediately. By quickly addressing the water damage on your property, it is possible that your store can reopen faster.
Our SERVPRO technicians can arrive at your salon with advanced equipment meant for remediating water damage. Our techs can use powerful wet/dry vacuums to clean up any pooled water lingering on the floor. From there, we can use moisture meters to determine where any drying needs to occur inside your shop.
SERVPRO can use equipment such as air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers in conjunction to reduce the moisture that is lingering inside of the flooring. Once we're sure that the damage has been completely remediated, we can leave your salon and allow you to reopen your doors, confident that space has been returned to its preloss state.
Do not ever wait upon finding water damage inside of your establishment. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina by phoning (626) 387-4111. No matter what time you call, we're always ready to send a team out to assist you.

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You Never Have To Worry About Commercial Water Damage In Azusa Again With Help From The Professionals At SERVPRO

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO commercial water damage services in Azusa can correct the situation when possible.

We Offer Reliable Commercial Water Damage Services In Azusa

Today did not start well for you. First, you overslept and then did not arrive on time to open up your vintage clothing shop. Unfortunately, your bad day did not end with you being late. You found inches of water standing on the floor. It appears that a leaky pipe in the restroom is the culprit. Luckily, there are professionals nearby that can respond fast and help get your business back on track quickly.

Our SERVPRO commercial water damage services in Azusa can correct the situation when possible. We can dispatch a certified team to your location soon after we take your call, which can minimize your losses and damages. Our experts know that time is money and work fast so you can open your business and return to your normal daily routine.

First, our crew can remove excess water by using industrial grade portable or truck-mounted extractors. They may also employ pumps, wands or wet vacuums in this situation. These machines and tools are highly efficient at removing water from floors, carpets, and floorboards. When drying the structure, we can use air movers, heaters and axial fans as well as dehumidifiers. All these machines help speed up the drying process by decreasing moisture levels and by increasing evaporation inside the building. The team may also utilize moisture meters to find and remove any hidden pockets of moisture that can cause mold growth. The techs can also use fogging equipment and deodorizers to eliminate musty odors.

During the restoration, it may become necessary for us to pack-out contents such as clothing, jewelry, hats, belts, shoes, and accessories to prevent damages to your valuable merchandise. We tag, itemize, categorize and track all contents taken out of your store. Plus, we use a bar-code system to keep an adequate track of all items we remove. This step can be constructive in assisting with your insurance claim. You can be confident that we keep the contents of your store in a safe area until the job is complete.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina commercial water damage restoration teams are close by and can help. When possible, our technicians can make it look “Like it never even happened.” Contact us 24/7 at (626) 387-4111.

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Azusa's Commercial Water Damage Technicians Discuss Problems With Sprinkler Systems

9/10/2018 (Permalink)

If the sprinkler system ever floods out your restaurant call SERVPRO.

Commercial Water Damage

In every restaurant in Azusa, there are several appliances that use water and many waterpipes running throughout the building. The relatively high number of areas that use water in a restaurant increase the possibility of commercial water damage occurring. Some eateries have multiple dishwashers for their bars and their kitchens. Many cafeterias also have several sinks that have both temperatures of the water and drain lines running to and from them. Both sinks and appliances can malfunction and spray water into your building causing excessive commercial water damage.

Anytime a water leak happens at your place of business; our SERVPRO technicians know that keeping your restaurant open is essential to prevent loss of revenue as much as possible. Our team will change the way they complete a commercial water damage project in Azusa to save you and your insurance company money from loss of business. Many times we restore affected contents and materials while your business is not open so that we do not distract your hungry customers. In other situations, we complete the mitigation work a small section at a time so that parts of your dining room can still stay open.

One common problem that can flood out restaurants is if the sprinkler system for the building goes off. Sprinkler systems are designed to repress fires if they start and usually consist of water pipes running throughout your building. Excessive heat or small kitchen fires can set off the sprinklers which will flood out your structure. Sometimes sprinklers can also leak or malfunction creating excessive moisture issues. If the problem occurs while your business is closed, it is possible that much water will pour into your building before the disaster gets noticed.

If enough water gets into your dining room, building materials and contents like your chairs and tables can get ruined. If wooden items stay wet for too long, mold growth can develop. Whenever water floods out your cafe, our SERVPRO team begins work immediately to reduce primary damage and prevent secondary issues.

If the sprinkler system ever floods out your restaurant, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 any day of the week.

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Disaster Planning can Negate the Effects of Commercial Water Damage on Your Azusa Business

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

We are here to take care of and restore your Azusa business!

Azusa Businesses Can Bounce Back After Water Damage With The Help of SERVPRO

Running a business in any industry and of any size can be a lot of responsibility on you. Even if the number of employees in your business equals zero, running things on a daily basis requires things to remain stable, including your business's physical environment, as well.

If your Azusa-based business ever experiences commercial water damage, you might find that things can get out of hand rather quickly. SERVPRO technicians stay ready round-the-clock, every day of the year so businesses in our community can receive the services they need in emergencies like broken water lines, basins that overflowed, and leaks in roofing structures. Our crew members are experienced in large and small settings involving water damage, and we can help you at any stage of its discovery.

In our Green Fleet, we have large pumps mounted on trucks to remove water quickly, which can prevent damaged areas from worsening. We also carry the other machines needed to dry out your business, keeping moisture from spreading through materials to undamaged areas. Our air scrubbers remove microscopic debris in the air, including microbes that can start growing when they settle on surfaces.

At SERVPRO, we carry the tools to clean areas affected by water damage, as well. Getting things dry only solves part of the problem. We know that cleaning up items affected by water that might leave a film of dirt behind does not keep our customers satisfied. Specialized cleaning cloths help pick up deposits left behind after drying out your business. These deposits get picked up from the water passing through other materials in your business. Carpeting, dry materials, and other items can put things in the water that spread out and end up everywhere. We get rid of all that for you.

Protecting your business from the future effects of water damage is crucial in keeping your business running normally. We inspect your business's interior for possible problems that we can help prevent from becoming long-term problems. However, the initial phases of restoring your business's facility can go much more smoothly and efficiently when you have an Emergency READY Profile in place. This free Profile gives us the information needed to assist you more effectively and rules out the possibility that you might forget important details in the face of any type of disaster.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina is ready to help our community before, during, and after disasters involving water damage and other serious events that can adversely affect a business. Call us at (626) 387-4111 to see how we can help you at any stage. We want to help your business remain a crucial part of our community.

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When Over-watering causes Commercial Water Damage In A Irwindale Nursery

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

After a nursery in Irwindale sustains commercial water damage in this manner, water can continue to spread via evaporation and condensation.

Commercial Water Damage

Sprinklers used to prevent fires from spreading can malfunction and cause problems, and watering systems in Irwindale garden shops and nurseries can experience similar issues. Incorrectly setting the timer can cause planters and trays to overflow after becoming saturated.

After a nursery in Irwindale sustains commercial water damage in this manner, water can continue to spread via evaporation and condensation. Water-permeable bags of fertilizer and other inventory items can become damaged, upsetting customers and a string of returns for refunds. Water-damaged materials can allow other problems to develop, including mildew growth. SERVPRO's professional Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) helps protect area businesses by removing the misplaced water from the building.

Removing water can include the moisture that now saturates porous materials and increased humidity. Because nurseries typically maintain higher humidity than the outside air, we might not need to perform dehumidification except in areas such as offices or non-nursery areas of your business. Situations such as this make it essential for communication lines to stay open between SERVPRO technicians and our customers during the mitigation work.

The removal of water from your building can prevent this, but the introduction of water from over-zealous sprinklers can kill your more fragile living merchandise. At your direction, our employees can help rescue saturated plants by working with your employees in placing seedling containers in a designated area to allow for more rapid draining away for the water.

Plants and seedlings that already perished can still provide some cost-cutting savings when we remove and set aside potting soil and planters. These can still drain away extra water and then, after recycling and minor cleaning, re-enter your inventory to save your business money, helping to keep it active and healthy.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina helps businesses recover faster after any disaster including water damage from both interior and exterior sources. When businesses have a READY Plan in place, our response becomes even more specific to the problem, starting at the moment we arrive to begin mitigation. Contact us at (626) 387-4111 to make your READY Plan for such emergencies or our assistance with a disastrous situation currently affecting your business.

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Commercial Water Damage Projects in Irwindale

4/9/2018 (Permalink)

When possible, SERVPRO will remediate damage during your business's closed hours in order to not interfere with normal operations.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Get Your Business Back to Operating Normally after Water Damage

Sometimes appliances or pipes break inside your Irwindale bakery that causes water to leak everywhere. It is never a good thing when you go to open your bakery in the morning, and it is flooded. Many times a water damage problem can cost your business money if your bakery cannot function.

When mitigating issues at a business, we try to complete work without costing you even more money. SERVPRO's commercial damage technicians in Irwindale have experience in mitigating problems in a way that negatively affects your business as little as possible. Often we change how we complete our processes so that our work does not get in the way of your company's daily operations.

As soon as our IICRC certified technicians enter your bakery, keeping your business operating is the number one goal. We first fix the source of the problem so that water stops entering the building. Next, we take measures to ensure the safety of our workers, your workers, and customers.

Any hazards that we can repair such as falling down drywall or trip hazards we fix. Any other hazards such as electrical shorts we call in professionals to fix so that the work area is safe to begin restoration procedures. We block off and post "danger" signs around the areas that remain unsafe for workers without protective equipment.

Any areas that are wet pose slip hazards and we make sure we post "caution wet floor" signs. We then begin extracting water sometimes a small section at a time so that your customers can still order from your bakery. We block off one part, extract all of the water we can from that area, then move our ropes over to another area so that people can still walk through your business.

Sometimes if the area is safe for you to keep your business operating but it is challenging to stay operating while we work, then we complete our duties after business hours. During extraction, we secure the area and post wet floor signs then complete the work when the bakery is closed. During the drying process, we sometimes set up equipment when your business is closed then remove the drying equipment right before you open the next day.

Often we can dry out a structure during the closed hours of your business. For professional help mitigating problems while keeping your business operating, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 24/7. 

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Commercial Water Damage Experts in Azusa

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO works around your schedule so that mitigation does not hinder your business.

SERVPRO Keeps You in Mind When Restoring Your Space

As all business owners know, your home is not the only place where things can break and cause problems. Your place of business in Azusa is also at risk of things going wrong. When your business suffers a water damage issue, different mitigation measures get taken.

For example, if your hair salon in Azusa suffers a commercial water damage situation, the experts at SERVPRO can help. Water restoration projects on a commercial property must get mitigated while keeping the inconveniences to the business a minimum. Our restoration crews have experience when dealing with water damage issues in commercial spaces.

Even if the issue seems minor, it is still a wise idea to let the experts at SERVPRO mitigate the damage. Sometimes water damage can cause problems that you do not notice right away, and future issues can arise.

Our restoration crews are skilled at mitigating water damage in the best way possible not to affect normal business operations. When possible, our crew changes the way they complete the project to prevent loss of revenue to your business. Our restoration team also keeps in mind any discomfort the water damage or its reparation causes to your customers.

If water gets into a rather small area of your beauty shop, our specialists can move any of your equipment out of the wet area. When the team moves the equipment, they make sure the process does not cause problems to the functioning of your business. Our IICRC certified technicians then can come in with their extraction equipment. While we extract water from the area, we make sure our extraction process does not hinder your business in any way. At times, drying gets done after business hours to keep your business open as usual.

These are just a few examples of how our crew goes out of its way to make sure our mitigation process helps your business and does not hurt it. For an efficient water mitigation team that keeps your overall business functions in mind, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 for 24/7 assistance.

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Assisted Living Home in Pathway of Flood and Mud in Azusa

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

Allow SERVPRO to worry about flood damage cleanup, while you focus on the residents of your assisted living facility.

Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Flood Damage in Your Commercial Space

The cycle of wildfires and recent heavy precipitation interrelate in many ways in Azusa. Still recovering from the effects of raging fires a little more than a year ago, the flow of water and mudslides are not moderated by forested areas as was true before the blazes. Heavy rains and snowmelt can mean damage requiring our skilled workers and industrial sized equipment to remedy.

Located to the south of the San Gabriel Mountains, properties in Azusa are at risk of flood damage if the trend of heavy rains continues. Assisted living facilities face an enhanced threat as the residents served are vulnerable, physically unable to protect themselves or get to safe areas quickly. When flooding is imminent, your focus must be on the residents under your care. Leave the cleanup to us.

Floodwaters carry a range of contaminants into your property, making professional cleanup, containment, and disposal a necessity. SERVPRO technicians are trained and experienced in contaminated water management, ensuring that at the end of the project your residence’s staff and guests are at no risk of the hazardous waste-laden water that moved through the building.

Because of the erosion on the slopes, our crews must plan for a mixture of mud and water as well as an endless variety of debris picked up as the slurry moved down and into inhabited areas. We have accesses to resources equal to these challenges, including specialized equipment to collect and remove the watery mess.

Smooth, tiled floors clean more easily than carpeted areas, but we also use techniques taught in IICRC courses to clean and dry carpets in common areas and resident rooms. After the cleanup is complete, SERVPRO crews move on to treat all affected areas and materials with appropriate antimicrobial solutions to inhibit transmission of pathogens.

Drying is the final step, effectuated by high-power air movers and dehumidifiers. After being cleared for operation, we also re-engage the HVAC system to filter the air and help with dehumidification. Throughout this part of the process, SERVPRO workers measure and monitor moisture levels, using advanced scanners to locate any hidden pockets of water. Thorough drying is the best insurance to prevent mold growth and damage.

SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina is ready to assist if rainfall totals push water and debris down the mountains and onto your property. We staff our phone at (626) 387-4111 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Plan to Re-Open Your Covina Coffee Shop Quickly After Flood Damage

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can help prepare your business for a flood to help minimize potential damage.

Stayed Prepared for Flood Damage

Covina coffee shop owners are right to be concerned about the impact of flooding, especially when they have to close their business down for cleanup and restoration. No business owner wants to face flood damage, but it is better to prepare so you can minimize harm and loss of earnings.

The key to minimizing profit loss after flood damage to your Covina coffee shop is to plan and put processes in place to protect your physical property and support your staff in the event of an emergency. Do not assume that your business is safe - flood damage is a risk for many businesses, and it is better to plan.

The first step is to secure the building itself. Check for structural integrity and get any leaks, missing roof tiles, old windows, or flood-prone basements fixed straight away. Install storm shutters if you can. Prepare your building as well as you can so it has a better chance of withstanding a serious storm or flood.

Think about what to do with your supplies in the event of a flood. Coffee beans and ground blends, teabags, and ingredients such as flour do not fare well in water. Make sure your premises has plenty of raised shelving and storage, so there is less chance of food spoilage.

Think about the paperwork side of your business, too. Keep electronic backups of all invoices, payroll details, receipts and spreadsheets, and always keep a backup off the premises too. Plan so that no vital information is lost in the event of a flood.

Make sure your employees know what to do and how to get in touch with you and each other in an emergency. Prepare for the fact that phone lines and the internet might be down, and arrange alternative means of getting in touch. Consider setting up a “contact tree” so each employee reaches out to the next person until everyone is in touch. Ask your employees to get in touch during a disaster even if they are not at work that day.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to pump and extract water from your coffee shop, and we equip our team with powerful fans, air movers, dehumidifiers and moisture probes to get your premises dry and ready to re-open.

SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan is a free app you can use to plan for natural disasters and other events such as fire, flood, water damage, and mold.

For help with flood cleanup in Azusa, Irwindale and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina at (626) 387-4111 for assistance today.

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Maintaining Your Walk-In to Prevent Water Damage in Your Azusa Convenience Store

4/17/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Your Water Damaged Convenience Store in Azusa Open for Business

SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Restore Damages to Inventory and Business at Your Store

When you own a convenience store, your walk-in freezer or cooler is an important investment. You need to keep it properly maintained so that it gives you many years of efficient usage. A broken freezer can lead to pools of water on the floor, creating water damage to your store, your food inventory, and costly repairs. If this does happen, you want to contact a professional water damage remediation company. SERVPRO is always available in cases like this.
Keeping Your Walk-In Operating Efficiently helps prevent water damage to your Azusa convenience store.
When not in use, ensure the door is closed. Do not prop or block the door open for a long time. Keep it closed at all times, other than entering or leaving the walk-in. The evaporator and condensing coil need to be cleaned a minimum of twice per year. The fan blades should also be cleaned to lower the chance of drag.
Make sure fan motors are running at the best speed, and that the coil is free and clear with nothing stacked around it to prevent restricted airflow. Nothing should be piled on top of the walk-in, as this can damage the panels in the ceiling. A technician should check all your electrical connections occasionally to make sure they are tight. Wires which are loose can create high amperage, causing your appliance to use extra energy and possibly cause arcing.
The suction line insulation between the evaporator coil and condensing unit should be checked for decay, and replace when needed. Lubricate door hinges once per year to make sure they are closing properly. The door sweep should also be checked for tears to make sure it is properly sealing. Excess condensation and moisture can build up when the door is not shutting properly. Water leakage can cause employees and customers to slip and fall. Rely on SERVPRO to dry out the affected areas, reduce safety hazards, and protect your dry goods from moisture absorption.
Moisture problems are one of the biggest threat to your store. While most walk-ins do not regularly leak, improper maintenance can cause them to begin leaking. Water damage can quickly take its toll on flooring and other nearby fixtures. It is imperative that the problem is fixed right away, and this is where our IICRC trained technicians at SERVPRO can help you. Besides cleaning up the water and fixing any damage created by the leak, we can help repair the problem which caused the damage in the first place.
Don’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Azusa/ Covina when you have a water damage emergency from a failing walk-in, plumbing failure or a flood. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur, including the growth of mold. We are just a phone call away at (626) 387-4111, and we arrive at your business quickly to take care of the problem for you.

Mitigating Mold Damage in a Covina Chiropractic Office

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Get a handle of the moisture level in your Chiropractic Office with SERVPRO. Call today for an evaluation.

SERVPRO Has Experience with Humidity and Mold Issues in Office Spaces

If you run a humidifier or diffuse fragrance in your chiropractic office, the added moisture in the air can feed spores, resulting in colonies of fungi on walls or ceilings. SERVPRO can remediate the current mold damage and educate you on how to monitor humidity to avoid growth in the future.
You may unwittingly be contributing to commercial mold damage in your Covina chiropractic treatment and waiting rooms. The steam from a warm or cool humidifier or fragrance diffuser can condense on a wall or other solid surface, creating the perfect conditions for many varieties of mold to grow. Because mold spores are always present in the air, a traditional water disaster does not need to occur for mold colonies to flourish. A microbial breakout can be a very concerning and confusing time. If the mold is cleaned away, but the conditions that encouraged its proliferation do not change, it will come back repeatedly. We can help you adjust the conditions in your chiropractic practice to create a soothing and spa like ambiance but also reduce the possibility of more mold damage to almost nothing. A proper moisture balance is the key to preventing more mold from invading, once the initial growth is contained and removed.
Mold damage remediation is a job for professionals, particularly when your business is serving the healthcare needs of paying clients. SERVPRO follows the EPA protocol developed for schools and commercial buildings to provide mold abatement, requiring only trained experts to take the steps to deal with the mold. Our technicians protect you, your patients, and themselves during the process. Mold damage is contained, removed, and disposed of following local hazardous waste rules. A thorough cleaning, top to bottom to contain spores, will then be performed. HEPA filtered vacuums and disinfection solutions may be used.
We then turn our attention to the water source feeding the fungi. Ambient humidity in your office will be measured with precision instruments. Bringing it down to 60 percent or lower will be a goal to prevent more mold growth. Angling diffusers and humidifiers away from surfaces that will condense the mist will also help eliminate pockets of moisture attractive to mold growth.
Mold damage in your chiropractic office can be managed successfully by SERVPRO of Azusa / Covina. Contact us at (626) 387-4111 for a microbial growth consultation.